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Islong school is fully registered under the Ministry of education to deliver both nursery and primary following English medium of instruction. Since the fountain of all this knowledge is human being himself Islong schools believes that a child growth depend on both spiritual and mental growth hence we partnership with parents and comunity supporting children to ensure that the child can get the best out of his/her time at Islong schools  both spiritually and mentally. Islong school has the work force of 30 staffs where by more than 15 are English medium professional teachers managed by The Managing Director, School Manager, and the Head teacher.
Our Objective is provide the necessary resources for holistic education and academic excellence to the young Tanzanians that will motivate them to continue learning, support wealth creation through empowering disabled individuals and groups in the community.To establish community rehabilitation centres for orphans, street children and disabled people.
Give the pupils an orientation to the religious principles that will enable them to be of good service to God and humanity as they grow to be future adults.To continuously improve its service delivery and access to modern teaching and learning facilities using state of the art technology.To provide access to modern health facilities for the pupils and local communities.
“At Islong Primary School, we help students prepare for an indefinable future. We need to help our students to learn about the present world and guide them so they can face unexpected challenges and play their part in making the world a better place”

Number 1 in Disrict

2019 Standard 7 Result

Number 1 in Region

2019 Standard 7 Result

Number 4 in Country

2019 Standard 7 Result


We're located in Arusha